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Russ Bagley spent his working life in the world of hovercraft as designer, pilot, engineer and trainer, first with Pindair and later at Griffon Hovercraft. He is now retired and lives a hovercraft-free life in Hampshire with his two children and his wife Kathy Brogan, who wrote this book. Kathy worked for twenty years as a teacher and has now retired in order to write full-time. Her first novel is called ‘Catch Me’ and, she would like to make clear, hovercraft play no part in it whatsoever.


John Barker has a background in design and a passion for sailing and boats. A mistaken call to a hovercraft company led John to a thirty year career in the industry. John has retired from the crazy world of hovercraft and lives in Hampshire with his wife, Sue Shennan who contributed the energy and wisdom without which this book would not have been written. She also knows where to buy extremely good chocolate biscuits.

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