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What people have said about this book:

The book is written with panache and style and had me laughing out loud from beginning to end.

The people they meet and the far flung corners of the globe they end up in are described so effectively that I could taste the chapatti in Pakistan and feel the crunch of snow underfoot in Alaska.


As I turned the pages in the final chapters an overwhelming sense of sadness crept over me because I knew that soon I would have to say goodbye to two guys that I had shared so many adventures with. Let's hope there is a sequel.

Not so much a book about Hovercraft as what happens when you step way outside your comfort zone.

This is a human story, the good, the bad and the unexpected.

This book has meaningful lessons if you can stop laughing and listen to the messages hidden between the lines.

All the stories are written with humour and humanity.

[I] sat down and consumed it in one happy sitting.

Wonderful stories, well told.​

I was transported into many different worlds… informative, extraordinary and very human.

Hilarious… chortled all the way through!

I've just finished the book and feel bereft… I hope there is a sequel. 

A great read - I enjoyed every minute of it. 

What a joy to read! Yes, it's about… interaction with hovercraft but it's the cultural experiences with their vivid descriptions that I so enjoyed.

Up there in the Bill Bryson league…​

I just didn’t want it to end..​

I love the book …a great read.

… strikes a great balance between story-telling and humour. 

So funny… I’m laughing out loud 

…it’s great holiday reading​

It’s difficult to resist the just-one-more-chapter compulsion of these adventures.

It has been quite a while since I have been so enraptured by a book and not wanted to put it down.

The authors take us to far off lands that most of us will never experience and paint a graphic picture of what life is like in exotic locations - including some of the most extreme environments on the planet.

[This is] a book with a human feel and experience of working in the hovercraft industry.

Although the book describes itself as… humorous stories, as I went on, I found that there was far more to it … that can only come from real travelling and an understanding of the countries and their people.

This book really gives an insight into what it really is to be pushed up against a challenging reality … [giving] the reader an immersive experience of working and problem-solving

The book opened my mind to worlds and places very different from my own.

The author [has an] ability to reveal people's innate characters.

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