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One Thing we did in Lockdown

During 2019 Shivering Sheep had been planning talks and readings in an effort to sell a few books. Then something unexpected happened. Life as we knew it stopped.

However, being resourceful people, since we weren’t able to read live to real live people we decided we’d record some readings and post them on the website so that you, our visitors, could have a little taste of the book.

Producing the readings was an odd experience. Personally, being a shy type, I shut myself in the garage so that nobody would overhear my stuttering and mispronouncing, clamped my phone into an old car-phone-holder suckered on the tool cabinet door and started reading to nobody. John, more sensibly took the comfortable and warm option and read to nobody from his office chair while Sue absented herself from the room.

So that’s what we’ve done and you can hear the fruits of our labour on the STORIES tab.

Just click on the icons on the map to hear any of our sixteen extracts, we hope you enjoy them.

Russ Bagley

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